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Well, Hello.

In The Nouveau Butch on January 16, 2009 at 1:22 am

Hello New Friend!

Or should I say “Nouveau” Friend?  (Insert nerd-laugh and glasses scootch.)  We’re about to start a new blog here.  We’re going to talk about style, etiquette, consumables, and all surface issues surrounding THE BUTCH–sounds a little intimidating eh?  Yeah, we thought so too.  So, we thought we’d do a little pro-bono PR for THE BUTCH.  There are tons of us out here who prefer a messenger bag to a purse, who like picking up the check, and who enjoy lighting a lady’s cigarette.  We don’t have chips on our shoulders, we don’t have unfortunate hair-cuts, and we even get along with the boys.  We are not your grandma’s lesbians…    That seemed like a  perfectly sensible statement in my head.  

Anyway, there must be a million guides to style for the average fem (slash-straight girl).  There are tons of recommendations for hot accessories, cool shoes, great bags etc. And while the Nouveau Butch can totally benefit from those make-up tips (everyone looks better with a little eyeliner), there is a terrible void in the media when it comes to the ways and means of the modern lesbian.  Where are the dating tips for the ladies-loving-ladies? Who’s going to call who?  What are you wearing to your next interview? How do you maintain your sense of self and still succeed in corporate/academic/societal circles where gays are not the norm? 

The Nouveau Butch is going to attempt to tackle all this and more.  We’re here to help.  Feel free to comment away, pose your questions, ask for help and weigh in with your own opinions.  Our goal is to make everything better–for everyone.  So let’s expand our definition of the word “BUTCH.”  Let’s make it more fun.  From the Stone Blues of yesteryear to the Power Porters of today–there’s a whole range in there to be explored and explained.  We’ve got a lot of blogging to do.

Butches, I think this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship.  


Editor In Butch

  1. Louie, I think this is going to be the beginning of a beautiful friendship…

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