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In Tools of the Trade on January 21, 2009 at 5:00 pm

True or False: Short hair = Butch

You decide.

For many American lesbians, the line between butch and fem is a thin one.  “How thin?” You ask.  Oh, say about 0.1 millimeters, maybe? (Hint: that’s the average thickness of…A HUMAN HAIR!  See? Science can be fun.)  That’s right, for too many girls, sexual identity has come down to a hair-cut.  While we here at NB heartily disagree with these stereotypes–we encompass a diverse range of hair lengths and styles, we would like to emphasize the value of great hair.  Man, Woman, Butch, Fem, Trans, Bi, or Show-poodle–hair is the single most important fashion choice we make.  Why?  Quite simply: because you wear it every day. 

Personally, I’ve had grave battles with wavy hair.  But, fortunately, I grew up in New Jersey.  This means I have more training and education than most beauty consultants, and consider myself an expert in the realm of product.  Here are a few favorites and some ideas of what to do with them.

Sweaty? Dirty? Or just plane sexy?

Sweaty? Dirty? Or just plane sexy?

 Bumble and Bumble Styling Wax: If your hair always looks better “second day,” but you just got back from the gym and need to shower before you head out tonight, go through your regular beauty routine and then add a tiny bit of this to you’re finger tips.  Start at the ends of your hair and then work through.  Careful not to use too much! You’ll be the sweetest smelling grease-ball in all the land.  If you’ve done it right, it’ll look something like this:

Note the texture.

Note: Textured Tresses.

 Bumble and Bumble Surf:  Love the way your hair looks after a day at the beach?  So do we.  Again, after you wash/dry/style your hair as you like it, mess it up with a few spritzes of this.  If you’re lucky, Leisha Hailey will appear in your mirror image…

Alice loves Beach Bois.
Alice loves Beach Bois.

Not like a bird--no flyaways.

Nexxus Sleek Memory: If you have straight/wavy hair, a few spritzes of this (no more than 4) before you blow dry are a great idea.  In the right climate (no tropical rain-forests), this will keep your hair smooth and straight without weighing it down or making it greasy.  On a beautiful day, beautiful hair!  If it’s raining, you should stand under an umbrella-ella-ella…



***NB recommends a quick spritz, blow-drying with a flat brush, and then some quality time with a flat-iron.  We like: Remmington’s “Wet to straight” model–not only for it’s name, but because you don’t have to blow-dry your hair all the way before use.  Please note, with a regular flat-iron, hair must be completely dry before applying. 



Fiber is important in your hair's diet too.

Fiber is important in your hair's diet too.





American Crew Fiber:   Ah, so much pomade, so few of quality.  THIS is the NB choice for the perfect pomade.  This will give the average head of hair a decent hold with that much-craved flexibility.  Translation: no crunch.  If you’re going for that “Growing up Gotti” look, then stick with the Dep Extreme Ultra Cement Gel or whatever they sell at the dollar store.  But if you’re avoiding Sonic the Hedgehog whilst keeping your head on the up and up, try this stuff.  Just dip two fingers…ahem…scoop a little out and then rub it together in your palms.  Even distribution over your hands will help you avoid those embarrassing globs of goo above the ears.  Start with the back of your head, work forward.


Now, Ellen probably had some help from a little hair-spray here.  And please note that she’s sitting still.  This kind of height would be difficult to maintain on a long ride in the topless jeep, or the 6-series BMW–whatever your pleasure.  Even a stroll on the beach would require some assistance.  TryPantene Pro-V Classic Hairspray.  The smell is neutral, but it does the trick. 

Like the star atop the Christmas tree...

Like the star atop the Christmas tree...

And finally, if you really want to spoil yourself, go for a bottle of :

B&B’s SHINE:  I don’t know what’s in it, it might be gold flakes, might be fairy dust (pun intended), it might be the sweat of a goddess, but this stuff makes your hair look healthy and gorgeous–no matter what it’s original condition.  At $35 per every 4oz, it damn well better. Caution: this stuff smells like paint-thinner.  Hold your nose, spray, and then promptly leave the room.

A good relationship with a great stylist can be a beautiful, beneficial thing.  Make sure you know the lingo or bring a picture.  “Long layers” loosely translates to “take it easy, nothing too edgy.”  “Choppy/asymmetrical”  usually means something like “I want to look like I tumbled out of a weed-whacker.”  So be clear about what you want. We wish you the best of luck in looking your best! 

As Always,



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