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Another One Bites the Muff?

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2009 at 11:43 pm

Lily, honey, that's not where it goes...

Lily, honey, that's not where it goes...


Lily Allen has admitted having a lesbian moment when she snogged identical twins in San Diego.

In an interview with GT (The Gay Times) the singer said: “I was on the sofa and I had them both, I was dancing and shoving my a**e on one of them and one on my front bottom.”

She added: “That’s the only time, but I do have wet dreams – lesbian dreams – quite a lot.” Too much info Lily!

Allen also told the mag’ she supports equal rights for homosexuals. She said: “I just feel you have no right to hate anyone because of how they’re born…I think if you’re a human being with a heart in your chest, you’re the same as everyone else.”  –MTV UK

 NOTE TO FUTURE REPORTERS LOOKING FOR “GAY” STORIES:  Girls kissing girls when they’re wasted doesn’t count.   

SECONDARY NOTE:  We don’t need more crazy women on our team.  You can keep her.

B. Cassidy


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