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Music Sounds Better With You

In The Nouveau Butch, Tools of the Trade on January 27, 2009 at 5:06 am

We here at Nouveau Butch cannot possibly express the importance of good make-out music.  We also understand that setting the mood for a steamy evening can be cause for stress beyond reasonable expectation, and we’re here to help.  You love kissing to the sweet sounds of Ani, but those tunes remind you of every ex-scapade you’ve ever encountered.  If the music sends your memory back to the girls of yesteryear, odds are: this will distract you from the song-bird in hand…   And everyone knows, a bird in hand is worth two in the bush…or something like that…  Now that we’ve got your mind in the gutter, or the bush, or somewhere unholy, let’s talk turkey.  

And by turkey, we mean music.

The point of good mood music is to wipe out any incidental environmental noise (the neighbor’s vacuum, kids outside, or even the inconsistent hum of the refrigerator).  It should provide an aural story-line for the listeners, a soothing sound, and most importantly: a natural rhythm.  It should NOT remind the listener of past lovers, great karaoke nights, or other unrelated events–it shouldn’t have strong ties to any outside occurrences.  We here at the NB highly recommend obscure music choices  for this reason.  The last thing you want on your first romantic evening alone is to turn on some Tegan and Sara–only to turn off your potential partner (She had a bad experience at a T&S concert in college, she doesn’t want to talk about it.).  Then, next thing you know, you’re all by yourself, completely unsatisfied, watching another episode of Rachel Maddow with Ben and Jerry in your lap.  

To be clear, it shouldn’t be necessary to replace an entire i-tunes library with each relationship turnover–that could get pricey for some of you, we realize. If she knows nothing of music, by all means rock your all-star playlist.  But try to steer clear of queer standards such as the ever-popular Ani D, T&S, Sarah Mc, and so on–odds are another lady put these tunes in her fantasy file long before you ever came along (that is, unless you’re quite young–the NB recognizes and applauds those of you embracing your inner-butch at an early age).  If possible, try to have a musical conversation prior to the first night alone–that should give you a good idea of what your working with.

If she’s never heard of Damien Rice, you’re good to go.  Download the album “O” right now if humanly possible–highly recommended for a rainy afternoon alone with no place to go.  


The Blower's Daughter.

We can't take our eyes (or ears) off Track 3: The Blower's Daughter.



Ask her questions.  If she absolutely hates The Weepies, or any mellow folk tunes, then stay away. If not, “Say I am You” is a great album to hear on a sunny Saturday morning for that oh-so-intimate pre-coffee make-out.  


Gotta Have You.

Nothing else will do, Track 2: Gotta Have You.



For a hot Friday night hook-up, try Lykke Li’s “Youth Novels.”  


We like Track 7 "Little Bit" a lot.

We like Track 7 "Little Bit" a lot.



For something a bit more serious, for the sophisticated set, we HIGHLY recommend Ali Farka Toure & Ry Cooder’s collaborative album “Talkin Timbuktu”–sexy guitar solos, sexy beats, and the moaning voice of need: so hot.


"Ai Du." Impossible!

Try and keep your clothes on during Track 9: "Ai Du." Impossible!

 No matter which tunes you choose, we hope you make the sweetest of music with the sweetest of ladies.  And most importantly, in the words of the ever-relevant Roxette, “Listen to Your Heart.”

As Always,



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