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In The Nouveau Butch, Tools of the Trade on January 28, 2009 at 3:32 am

There are certain items we wear that say a lot about us.  Funky hipster glasses or wireless frames?  Chuck Taylors or Frye boots?  Leather messenger bag or Volcom chain-wallet?  And while we realize that on a different day you can be a different kind of dyke, some accessories are investments and consequently temporary life choices.  The time piece is certainly one of these.  Thus, the question is posed: Which watch?

In a perfect world, everyone would have at least three time pieces: one for dressing “up,” one for dressing “down,” and one for working “out”–we realize we didn’t need the quotes around “out,” we just didn’t want that one to feel left…well…out…

If you happen to be a personal trainer and spend all your time in the gym, by all means, invest in a stopwatch or runner’s contraption with lap-ometers or whathaveyou.  But if your sole purpose for rockin the arm-clock is to adorn your handsome wrists, then follow us on a journey through time–or at least, through the following images.

Quiet Time

Kenneth Cole New York Grid Square Case $85

Kenneth Cole New York Grid Square Case $85




Understated, classic, elegant–this is the watch for someone with a quiet sense of style.  Someone who is always well-put-together, but never ostentatious in her look would choose a piece like this one.  It looks as good with a power-suit as it does with a pair of jeans. It will be cool ten years from now as it was ten years ago.  NB endorses this purchase 100%–can’t go wrong here.

Changing With the Times

Diesel DZ7071 $120

Diesel DZ7071 $120



If you’re updating your jewelry with each new trend, this Diesel watch will get you to every gallery opening and private screening fashionably late.  It’s a good size, absolutely noticeable on every woman’s wrist, and a really strong, bold choice for time piece.  If you’re a fashion risk taker, this watch will complement most of your ensembles; if you’re playing it safe in a polo, this piece will keep it hip.


The Knock Around Clock

Adidas Black Striped Strap Watch $75

Adidas Black Striped Strap Watch $75




If you would describe your style as “sporty” or even super-casual, we recommend this digital doozy from Adidas.  It’s comfortable, light-weight, and will look totally hot with your warm-up jacket.  Or it could be the soft touch peaking out underneath the cuff of your black button down at work.  Please note, if you’re in a very strict business environment, this can be considered a risk.  Our next selection is far more appropriate if you’re spending your time climbing the corporate ladder instead of the rock-wall.

Watch Out World!

Fossil Boyfriend Silver Dial $105

Fossil Boyfriend Silver Dial $105




If you’re still making your way through the corporate jungle and have not yet come upon your very own pile of green, may we suggest something shiny (but not flashy), classy (but not boring), and elegant (but not too girly).  This watch says: “I’m here to play the game.  I can take clients to lunch. I can sit in on the big board meeting.  And I will work my ass off until I can afford the real deal.  I am a woman on a mission.”  This is totally a starter-kit for the future power dyke.  What, you may be asking, does the real deal look like?  Hold on to your handle-bars kids because this next piece is a Porsche in a parking-lot of Pintos…

The Big Time


The Cartier Roadster $4,500 and up....

The Cartier Roadster $4,500 and up....


There are no words…


Wearing a watch implies a sense of responsibility.  Wearing a cool watch secures a sense of style.  Even in a pair of track-pants and a hoodie, the right watch can signal fashion savvy and yes, even sexual preference.  Wear one that makes a statement, the appropriate statement for who you are.  Whatever you wear should reflect you–it does, whether you realize or not, so make conscious choices to represent yourself appropriately.  Your sense of style should be one that helps explain you, your taste, your point of view.  It’s just another method of communicating with the world, helping others “see” you, and know who you are.  So enjoy picking your accessories, choose wisely, and make it count!

Until next time



  1. Hello NB,
    Loving your site.
    Too true, “Your sense of style should be one that helps explain you.” Finding your own perfect poise takes time(no pun intended), and usually a lot of experimenting. If you have an inkling that you are not finding your flair, surround yourself with friends that will tell you when you look a total twat and now of course read Nouveau Butch!
    Anyway, I would like to offer another Porsche to “pull up to the bumper” in your watch parking lot. Maybe even a Aston Martin? The Panerai Luminor.
    Panerai was founded in 1860 in Florence by Giovanni Panerai (1825–1897). It became the official supplier to the Royal Italian Navy and notably perfect for diving. Useful for every dyke, sorry couldn’t resist! The Panerai is one of the worlds most scarce watches as they only release a very few for sale each year. This is a watch that says “I am prepared to wait, it doesn’t matter how long it takes, no sloppy seconds for me, on my wrist or in my life.”

    So yes “choose wisely,” and IF you dare show who you really are choose Panerai.

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