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In The Nouveau Butch on January 29, 2009 at 11:24 pm
This might seem a little random at first, but stick it out…
"It's never too late to raise a little hell."

Doris "Granny D" Haddock says of her life: "It's never too late to raise a little hell."

This 90 year old woman walked 3,000 miles in order to draw attention to her present cause…knitting?  Nope, campaign finance reform.  She teaches us that we can kick ass at any age.  Live it. Love it.

"Welcome to Norway"

"Welcome to Norway"

Did you know that one in four women of Norway will be beaten to bruises (and some to near-death) by their male counterparts?  This should go without saying, but the NB is completely non-violent. NO. HITTING.  And if we can help the victims of violence, let’s get on board.   Amnesty International is responsible for this powerful campaign to raise awareness of violence against women in Norway.  Google it.

"Let's Get Them!"

"Let's Get Them!"

 Cartoonist Catherine Beaunez depicts a naked French woman with some BALLZ on her.   We think Cathy’s got some big ones of her own.


Other than the fact that they struck the fancy of yours truly, they’re all featured in the online exhibit of San Francisco’s International Museum of Women entitled: Women, Power, & Politics.  Knowledge is power.  Get some!

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