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In The Nouveau Butch on February 4, 2009 at 1:59 pm

The best parts of this segment:

1.She brought her own muddler.  

2. She brought her own cocktail shaker.  

3. She admitted to being a geek.

4. Martha called her James Bond.

5. She made a cocktail appropriate for George Washington’s birthday.

6. Her cocktail book is from the 1953 (ehem, Rock Hudson).  

7. She recommends maraschino cherries without “chemical goop” but earlier in the show admitted to eating mostly from street-carts.

8. She has a favorite brand of sloe gin.  

8. Two words: Cheap Luxury.  

9. The detail on the cuffs & collar of that shirt.

10. She made Martha laugh.  This is a true charmer.

B. Cassidy

  1. ummmm, i’m thinking that rachel maddow is one of the only liberal daughters-in-law that i’d be cool with…..

  2. […] there are likely to be a few false starts before we meet the woman for all time.  And that’s a good thing.  The point is to accept this fact, let go of the expired circumstance, and appreciate it for what […]

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