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For Whom the Belstaff Tolls

In The Nouveau Butch, Tools of the Trade on February 5, 2009 at 5:53 am


Americans take note!  There’s a reason the Euro set always seem to be a cut ahead of the rest when it comes to dress. They’ve got access to brands like this one–not yet sold in the US, but available online.  If you can ignore the recession and invest in some timeless pieces like these, you’ll travel in style for miles to come.  Whether you’re of the corporate sort or simply dressing to impress, a topcoat is an easy way to make a lasting first impression:


Take me to your leader.833851564a9928f6edc1ddd2eed987df

Take me to your leader.

Both of these stunning coats embody a style that never seems to fade into oblivion.  They have that sort of sexy military madam/come-hither look.  They must be worn with confidence and an extra layer of eyeliner.  If your style is a bit more casual, perhaps a motorcycle jacket is more your speed.  And whether you pull up on a custom chopper or slide out of a taxi cab, this piece is quite fetching on most.  The cloth says you’ve got taste, the cut says you’ve got balls:

Wanna go for a ride?

Wanna go for a ride?

If you need a day off from black (sighs with disappointment), I suppose an afternoon drive in jeans and some brown leather won’t do you any harm.  Keeping it in the family, this is vintage Belstaff (worn by DiCaprio playing Howard Hughes in The Aviator–nod & a wink to Ms Blanchette hot hot hot):


Wait…what were we talking about?  Oh right, fashion…  Here’s the jacket:

Lookin Fly.

Lookin Fly.

So depending on the mood, Rock chick/ Tom boy/Rebel NB (with a cause off course) – off you go.  I would aim to have timeless shapes in my wardrobe, and notice please there is not a sniff of faux in the house! Girls in real leather (not trousers, not my thing) with the attitude to match – what a turn on.  So grab your flask, saddle up, and head out for a brisk ride in these cool winter months.  




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