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From Butch to Bitch & Back Again

In Tools of the Trade on February 9, 2009 at 8:10 pm

Let’s talk bootiful boots!  God is that awful…

Anyway, we’ll start with the basics.  Here’s one place where Old School Butch and the NB cross paths.  The necessity for a great pair of boots is universal.  If you’re kickin up the shit somewhere South of the Mason Dixon, or just standing your ground in a sexy urban setting, the perfect pair can make you feel sturdy, steady, and yes, even sexy.

Frye boots have graced the feet of all walks of life.  Civil War soldiers and 1960’s rebels alike have rocked these American classics.  Mr. Frye started making boots back in 1863, and the brand has a rich heritage.  Presently, their parent company is the licensee for Coach leatherwear and Calvin Klein footwear.  It’s almost like being chic in disguise.  **Sidenote: knowing the intimate details of one’s clothes can be extremely alluring.  Being an expert on the packaging you wrap yourself in says that you’re thoughtful, meticulous, and learned–something every NB strives for:

The American Classic

The American Classic

Fiorentini+Baker, weird name right, sounds a bit like a pop group or a restaurant–these boots are certainly tasty and really do rock!  Butches, meet Eli, Eli, say hello to your new friends.  This greased-leather, round-toe bad-girl will split your heart with it’s top-split, Italian attitude.  Try not to drool…

Kickin' Ass, Takin Names

Kickin' Ass, Takin Names

Moving from biker to babe,  check out another pair by F&B.  They offer just a touch of heel. I think you owe it to yourself now and then to switch up your look–keeps em on their toes (and with these boots we are talking quite literally).  This boot is called “Bi”–please hold the snickers–is a convertible high boot which can be taken to ankle length using the snaps just above the bottom buckle.  It takes a very specific kind of butch to pull these off…or rather, to put them on.  Hopefully, you’ve got someone else to pull your clothes off.



More cow-bell? What? No, more staff-bel?  Huh?  OH! More Belstaff!  Of course!  Why didn’t you say so in the first place.  There’s something predatory and powerful about this gorgeous pair.  And you know what they say (both in the animal kingdom and the lesbian one): Eat or be eaten.

Boss Biatch

Boss Biatch

Or if your taste is more vintage, this second pair should make your hair stand on end.  You could enter a room topless in these black beaties and still all eyes would be on your boobs…I meant boots…oh who are we kidding?  Still, someone would compliment your footwear.

Big Bad Bikin' Boots

Big Bad Bikin' Boots

 Pick your pair, strap ’em on, and head out for a walk.  All of these boots were made for walkin–so that’s just what you should do!  Late, perhaps your pals could ask: Who’s bed have you boots been under?  Or perhaps, you could Shake, shake, shake–shake, shake, shake–shake your booties!



  1. Holy lord and lady above – those are some yummy boots. I’m linking you all on my blog just for the fashion highlights.


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