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Denim has come a long way since Mr Levi Strauss, a 24 year German immigrant arrived in San Francisco to set up his dry goods company where many of the California gold rush miners lived out of wagons. Strauss and a Nevada tailor David Jacobs, co-patented the process of putting copper rivets in denim work pants to add strength. On May 20, 1873, they received U.S Patent No.139,121 and Levi Strauss & Co began manufacturing the famous Levi brand of jeans. This date is now considered the official birthday of “blue jeans.” Here at NB we strongly believe that every butch should have a great pair of jeans to show off her best ass-ets — so without further ado..
The ‘Boyfriend.’
This cut is a pure unadulterated example of a past trend coming back into style — Marilyn knew how to work this shape effortlessly! Believe it or not, the good thing is these jeans don’t really need you to have a fella or even a gay husband (phew i hear you cry) furthermore they are great if you need a little extra room in the leg area for your athletic thighs…. The rule is that they are over sized and ripped up, or just plain big and baggy. Turn them up at the ankles to emphasis the ‘oversized’ shape.


Victoria Beckham aka Posh Spice–wife of ‘Golden balls’ David Beckham, has got the modern-day ‘boyfriend’ down to a ‘t’ or should I say ‘NB’ — what with the pixie haircut she looks like she could be moving over to the ‘dark side.’  Remember to look your best in these jeans, pair them with a tight tee, at NB we suggest you not to go too baggy on top, otherwise you risk looking like one of the  miners Mr Levi designed his overalls  for…  b

Be the boyfriend with Levi’s 501.


Rip it up with ‘Siwy.’
Launched Spring 2005 by Michelle Siwy in downtown New York City, Siwy offers the ultimate denim vintage-inspired, sexy, fashion-forward designs with a heavy dose of New York edge. In less than four years, this brand has developed a cult following among denim-heads. Siwy creates four collections per year, each forging ahead with fashion trend and fit and ensures that each pair has a one-of-a-kind hand-crafted vintage Americana label.
If baggy definitely isn’t your thing and you prefer something a bit more, well how should i say, long and lean, these stunning works of art should go straight to the top of your shopping list.

                                            Long, lean and mean with ‘Siwy.’                   


With Balmain (if you’ve been following my blog, this is not the first time I’ve shown my appreciation for the French design house from the 40’s), you get the real deal, edginess and elegance, souped-up stonewash and a whole lotta biker at the knees. These are not only the jeans that all the ‘A’ listers are wearing from Kate Moss to Heidi Klum, but the very same that gave the opening of Paris fashion week a shot of pure adrenalin. With a huge price tag, these jeans certainly don’t come cheap, but worn with the highest possible kick ass heels, sandals or gladiator boots you could quickly become the next denim atomic bomb! 

 The big bang theory with ‘Balmain.’           


This summer, let’s start a gold rush of our own, head straight for the fitting room with arms full of jeans — Mr Levi Strauss started something immense, 150 years later denim is still going strong — pure Jeanius!


  1. As a woman I’ve always felt that it was important for me to feel feminine regardless of my sexual preference. You dress to please yourself and express who you are. I love reading English – dead on! Thank you for your insight and expertise – keep them coming SISTA!

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