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The Emperor’s New Clothes

In The Nouveau Butch on March 23, 2009 at 2:10 am

I was at a bar not so long ago and a woman who I barely new, told me that my coat was so ‘hot’ that they wanted to ‘make love’ to it. Needless to say this hit me like a freight train, and launched me into Orbit–somewhere around Jupiter and planet come home with me!
Now just to give you the full unadulterated picture here, I am quite a lot older that this particular lady, and well let’s just say I’ve been around the block a few times. Well fuck me, if for a fleeting moment, i didn’t think that something major had just happened-something earth shattering. A woman with some heart, some brains, some conviction, some balls-yes, definitely ‘big balls’ and Passion. I moved to New York from Grande Britannia(all stand for the National Anthem please!!) in search of excitement. Two years in NYC and I had never met anybody who used words in such an eloquent way, a seductive way, an intuitive way, a well, how can I say, a N.B way…. it was truly exhilarating.
Luckily for me, the lights in this establishment were down low and the affore mentioned butch, possibly couldn’t see how taken by surprise i was.

So to continue on with the story…..
I left the bar not long after, my gay boy friend wanted to go to boy bar so I graciously agreed. After a few too many G & T’s i stumbled home, but I just couldn’t get this subtle use of words out of my head–Scorpio being my star sign and far too drunk to consider fully what I was doing –I sent a message. ‘My coat wants to know when ……’

Now I am sharing this story with you for a number of reasons-namely the ones listed below:

1. For Purely Cathartic reasons
2. To encourage every Butch to have ‘passion.’ It is masterful.’
3. Because if the girl reads this blog I want her to know what a mark she left on me and I want to say ‘thank-you’
4. To once again ‘Stress’ the importance of picking your clothes wisely-I’m in Fashion Darling!!!!
5. To share a bloody good true story

The moral of the tale is this-
When someone compliments you on your duds it is just that-a compliment.
Clothes are important but don’t be shallow enough to think that they make you anymore interesting or important-after all, it is not the clothes that make the man!!!



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