Editor In Butch

Best. Neighbor. Ever.

In Hot Girls, Queer-oes in a Nut-shell!, Tools of the Trade on May 21, 2009 at 1:41 pm
We here at the NB would like to introduce our favorite new neighbor–she’s not new to the gay scene, nor to the blog scene, but she’s hot, she’s femme, and she’s right next door.


If ever there were a perfect counter-part for the Nouveau Butch, it would be The Femme Next Door

“As a lesbian lingerie designer, I know a thing or two about what women want… After continuously advising friends on how to impress their girlfriends with the perfect first date restaraunt, right wine and best birthday gifts I decided to share the wealth…”
Did we mention how hot she is?

Did we mention how hot she is?


Her romantic date tips, great gift ideas, and hot lingerie pics are totally worth a view–and now span from NY to Chicago.  This is, indeed,  a tail of two cities.  So check her out–er…check her sight out…word on the street is she’s got a lady.  Sorry Butches.

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