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In The Nouveau Butch, Tools of the Trade on May 28, 2009 at 12:28 am

When was the last time this word brought dazzling images of swanky silver to mind?  We could mean chain-links, watch-links, or clinks of glass toasting your class, but in this particular piece we’re referring to the clasps which hold your kissing cuffs together–Ah yes, cufflinks.

Cufflinks are always classy–the mere presence of French cuffs encircling one’s wrist brings with it a bundle of elegance, like a beautiful bow tied around the bundle of flowers of fingers (ahem, lesbians).  But how to do it?  Can’t go wrong with a classic, Tiffany & Co Almond pair: simple, understated, timeless, these say “fabulous” without a lot of flash.  We here at the NB can get behind that all day long.


If you’re in the music business, or you actually play guitar, we highly recommend these Fender cuff benders.  Unless you’re a die-hard music fan with instruments and autographs strewn about your home–shy away from something so specific.  Using a guitar pick to tell the world how cool you are is completely counter-productive unless you’ve got the skills and devotion to back it up.  If it’s a conversation piece, make sure you’re end of the conversation consists of more than “I just liked them.”


To play tres preppy, one can always go with a label–Bvlgari makes a snappy pair, Kenneth Cole has a few branded with his logo, and wearing one’s own initials is always appropriate.  There’s nothing like wearing your own brand to state your value without saying a word.  However, nothing screams prep-monster like a pair of horsies galloping toward your knuckles, mallets in hand, ready to play Polo.  As if French Cuffs didn’t scream PREP loud enough–throw these bad-boys on and shout it from the roof-tops.


When adopting a simple, classic style (collared shirt, nice slacks, clean lines, minimal color/cut creativity) one expresses a lot with the details to adorn the outfit.  The smallest opportunity to showcase one’s personality will be perceived that much more clearly by those who take notice–so choose these tiny details carefully!  Find a pair you love, find a pair that make you happy.

images-4Have a nice day,



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