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Come Undone

In The Nouveau Butch, Tools of the Trade on June 24, 2009 at 4:21 pm

It’s no secret that the NB loves neckware, or accessories in general for that matter; but there’s one underutilized effect we feel is definitely worth discussing: the bow-tie.  They’re daring and sexy on Bond, they’re classy and elegant on Gene Kelly, and they’re the perfect conversation piece on any NB.

Under certain circumstances, we agree, that a nicely tied bow can be sassy, but unless you have the right jacket…or the right brow for that matter…it’s easy to miss the mark on this look and end up landing somewhere around Peewee Herman.  If you must tie one on, stay clear of tiny, straight edge bows, just to be safe.Bow_tie_-_ralph_lauren_-_nibs_blog

Also, it should be noted that tying a real bow-tie is a little bit tricky.  Check out this video for a Southern gentleman’s instructions.


And even when you’re a super-sassy professional sexpot, a tied bowtie can look a bit square.  *Note, one of these things is not like the other…and she looks like fun.


So grab an old fashioned black one and sling it ’round your neck.  Don’t come undone taking a little fashion risk. Open a few buttons on any shirt and rock this look with confidence.  After all, that’s always your best accessory…and it will definitely tie this look together.


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