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Great Date Part 1: The invitation

In The Nouveau Butch on July 27, 2009 at 7:19 pm

If there’s anything an NB loves more than a great date, I know not what it is.  There are plenty of elements that add to the potion of love, and many of those mix well with un-mixed company on a hot summer night.  This NB is going to try the following this coming weekend, going out with the love of one’s life should not be taken lightly!

 Invite your date.  Whether she’s been with you for years, or without you for a lifetime, the small matter of this formality is not to be overlooked–treat it formally and have some fun:

A formal invitation, mailed to her home (whether you share it or not) is a spectacular effort that will either enchant her completely, or freak her the frick out.  Gauge your audience accordingly.

Mysterious & Romantic? or Intense & Psychotic? ...fine line, walk with caution.

Mysterious & Romantic? or Intense & Psychotic? ...fine line, walk with caution.

 B.  A custom digital image, emailed to her at work, should brighten her day (please be prepared–she’ll be inclined to forward it on, whether she’s enchanted or disturbed, again, proceed with caution.  If you’re sure she digs you, go for it!)

Make a Love-Connection

Make a Love-Connection

 C. A personal invitation, from your lips to her ears, is never a wrong move.  It says you’re bold, confident, and genuinely interested.  Rather than a “Let’s get together sometime, can I have your number.” Try, “Hey, my favorite coffee shop is right around the corner.  Wanna meet me there next Friday at 8?”  **I think the key with all of these is knowing the invitation is welcome.  If she already likes you, any simple grunt should do the trick–but remember, if it works out, this is a story you’ll tell for a long time to come. 

D. Finally, if it’s a long-shot, use technology as your friend text, IM, skype, or gchat your way to a date.  If she doesn’t know you have her digits, try “Would it be weird if (your NB name here) asked you out?”  No response is a cool “No.”  remember that, and you should be safe. 

Good luck!


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