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Great Date Part 2: The Pick-Up

In The Nouveau Butch on September 15, 2009 at 3:04 pm


Pick your lady up.  First and foremost, it sends her the message that your time is hers, that there is nothing on your plate, on your mind, on your clock that is more important than she is.  Escorting your lady to the cab, to your car, or even placing her delicately on the handlebars of your Schwinn shows that you’re concerned with your precious cargo, and that you’re the most qualified to transport it–because you care most.  Drive the extra half-hour out of the way to pick her up.  If Enterprise can do it, free of charge, so can you. **Added bonus: you get to take her home.

If  you’re stuck in a meeting, flying in from Milan, or trapped at a family engagement and picking her up means more time in transit and less time engaged, send a car.  Nothing makes a lady feel more like a princess than having a professional chariot await her and carry her swiftly to her destination–you. 

At the very least, ensure she has accurate directions to your date-spot.  Draw her a cute treasure map.  Send her the link to Hopstop. Or make an overly-detailed list of directions from her exact location or one you both know well.  These things show that you’re looking out for your lover, that you’ve taken away all her cause for worry.  The NB strives for smooth sailing, cycling, or driving.  So whether you’re motoring around or traveling by train, take care of the details–the devil may be in them, it’s your job to exercise him before you step out.

Happy trails Butches!


  1. Fab advice; if I’d met ab NB I’d have come out years ago.

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