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Great Date Part 3: THE PLAN

In The Nouveau Butch on November 5, 2009 at 7:09 pm

While it may sound wild to fly by the seat of one’s pants, the NB prefers a perfectly planned evening.  If the romantic winds carry one to familiar haunts and a series of unforseen events shake up the eve–by all means, blow with the flow.  But we highly recommend a meticulously planned/packed/prepared trip!

The femmenextdoor has been known to make an adorable printed itinerary:dinner

*She’s also been known to hop-stop a date prior to taking her lady out to ensure a smooth transition from point-to-point (how very NB of her)!

But the point here is to be prepared.  Instead of arriving at your lady’s door (see part 2: The Pick-up), with the tacky & exhausting phrase: “What do you want to do?” –which will inevitably be returned with an “I don’t know; what do you want to do?” Show up with a plan in hand, or at least in mind.  Print out the movie schedule and slide it in your wallet.  Make multiple reservations if you’re feeling unsure.  At the very least, show up with options.

If you know your date well, choose activities she’ll enjoy.  If it’s a new situation, options are probably best.  Having a plan shows that you’ve put thought into the date.  Having options shows your consideration for her various tastes.  But remember: Having a good time is always the key to a great date.  Put the plans in place so you can relax and enjoy yourself.  Scrambling to come up with something on the fly is likely to make you more nervous than necessary. 

Dating should not resemble Guerilla warfare.  It should be as smooth as an American Fox Trot.  So grab your fox and trot away Butches!

  1. I wish this blog updated more often. I really enjoy it.

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