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The Most Perfect Day-t

In Relationships, The Nouveau Butch on May 12, 2010 at 1:55 am

Yesterday my girlfriend and I played hookie.  She had “oral surgery” and I had “uncontrollable diarrhea.” Whatever the excuse, I highly advise taking some time to yourself—either with a lady friend or a great friend who is a lady.  There’s something romantic and conspiratorial about taking the day to lay low and do all the things that you can’t quite fit into a weekend.  If you’re in a big city, take the day to be a tourist; if you’re in New York, feel free to follow this blue-print.  Save some moves for a surprise, fill your date in on as much or as little as you like, but this was our perfect day—adlib as needed:

10:30am Wake up slowly. (Kiss your girlfriend.)

11am  Lemon Ricotta egg-pancakes with fresh blueberries. (Recipe to follow.)

12noon Row boats in Central Park (72nd Street @ The Boathouse)

1:15pm Sailboats at the pond in Central Park (Just down the path)

2pm Lunch at Alice’s Tea Cup (The experience is extraordinary, as is the tea!)

3pm Dylan’s Candy Bar (Treat yourself to sweets!)

3:45pm Bloomingdale’s (Maybe the morning put you in the mood for boat shoes?)

5pm Le Colonial, (Cocktails upstairs will transport you.)

6pm Cartier, (The dreams are for free.)

7pm The Supple Spa, (Couple’s massage—trust me, at this point, you’ll need it.)

8:30pm Dinner at Gascogne (Quiet and romantic, ask to sit in the garden.)

10pm—Shower by candlelight. (There are no words.)

12pm—Fall asleep knowing you’ve enjoyed this day to it’s fullest. (Kiss your girlfriend again for good measure.)

And even if your sweetheart disappears in the night, or catches some early flight for a long business trip where she’ll now have to fake a toothache, the joy you’ve squeezed out of this one day should last you the duration of her absence.

All the happiness in the world to each of you.




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