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There Ain’t No Secrets in NY

In The Nouveau Butch, Tools of the Trade on May 12, 2010 at 2:38 am

Here are 3 places I want you New York Butches to know about (and sorta selfishly hate myself for telling you).

1.  Raine’s Law Room –Named for “Raine’s Law” which allowed only Saloons to serve alcohol on Sundays (meaning any place with at least 5 rooms for rent); this 1920’s style speakeasy really takes this genre of establishment to the next level.  Secretive, sexy, and really smart; this is an experience that will make any savvy New York gal swoon.  Have a drink and hit the town–there are great restaurants nearby.  Or on those beautiful evenings you never want to end, cap things off with a vintage cocktail and talk til dawn.  So romantic.  Take a look at the wallpaper while you’re there.  Tres chic, Les Frique.

2. The Campbell Apartment — Named for the tycoon who once held his office here (John W. Campbell, father of modern science fiction); the Campbell apartment is a not-so-secret spot somewhat hidden within the walls of New York’s iconic Grand Central Terminal.  On off-hours (non-travel time), one could sit all day with a chess board or even a lap-top and do all ones thinking, writing, and drinking.  Enjoy the spirits that haunt this space, the ones that dance upon the tongue and upon the periphery of one’s consciousness are at home in this very same space.  Drink it all in.

3. The Frying Pan Only in New York, only in the summer, this outdoor bar/grille sits out on the Hudson like a secret pier party.  Whether you choose to fry yourself and your own precious skin on its upper decks, or you sit below and celebrate through sunset, this low-key non-scene is an amazing way to unwind with friends at the end of a long day where you’ve been cooped up in an over-air-conditioned office.  Grab a game of scrabble and head down to Chelsea.  Cross over the West Side Highway and take a deep breath.  You’re off the grid and off the clock.  Drink up and enjoy.

Cheers dears,


  1. Three places I will take a look at, thanks!

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