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Best. Neighbor. Ever.

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We here at the NB would like to introduce our favorite new neighbor–she’s not new to the gay scene, nor to the blog scene, but she’s hot, she’s femme, and she’s right next door.


If ever there were a perfect counter-part for the Nouveau Butch, it would be The Femme Next Door

“As a lesbian lingerie designer, I know a thing or two about what women want… After continuously advising friends on how to impress their girlfriends with the perfect first date restaraunt, right wine and best birthday gifts I decided to share the wealth…”
Did we mention how hot she is?

Did we mention how hot she is?


Her romantic date tips, great gift ideas, and hot lingerie pics are totally worth a view–and now span from NY to Chicago.  This is, indeed,  a tail of two cities.  So check her out–er…check her sight out…word on the street is she’s got a lady.  Sorry Butches.

Dykonclast: Rock Hudson

In Queer-oes in a Nut-shell! on January 31, 2009 at 6:30 am


What is Nouveau Butch style? There are as many answers to this question as there are women in this subset (a rapidly growing number, we’re pleased to report).  Though we firmly believe in an era of equality, it is this NB’s opinion that a certain look works almost universally.  We’re certainly not saying that there is one panacea, one cure-all-outfit to suit all lesbians; but we do concede that there seem to be an abundance of similarities in taste.  What are our influences?  Where do these ideas come from?  Who is making the clothes? How can we get inspired?  And when are we going to stop asking questions and get right down to it!?  Now. For many lesbians, and especially those who seem to really dig the idea of dyke fashion, these answers are greatly varied–but the inspiration seems to be the same…Gay Men. Gay Men. Gay Men.  

Ladies, let’s face it, they’re dressing the rest of the world–and making them look good.  Straight men’s clothes–designed by gay men.  Gay men’s clothes–designed by gay men.  Straight women’s clothes–mostly designed by gay men.  Let’s get on the wagon.  (To be fair, we do recognize that there are a few ladies out there designing and doing a damn fine job, brava!  But for the most part, I don’t think this really needs to be argued–the gay men are dominating the fashion industry.  And brava to them for doing a great job!)  This has nothing to do with penis-envy or gender-confusion.  Women are allowed to be inspired by men’s fashion–gay or straight.  We’re just highlighting the fact that the uber masculine is uber appealing–as with all things uber–to those interested in fashion politics and making a personal statement through the use of universal identifiers.

This entry isn’t even about who’s making the clothes!  It’s about the style icons who have inspired an evolution into what we now know as Nouveau Butch.  It’s how the clothes were worn, and accessorized, it’s the air around the wearer.  These are the seeds from which our own unique styles have grown.  Rock Hudson indeed qualifies for a fashion dykonclast.  He is, of course, a gay man.  But for a time, he was the epitome of masculinity, the essence of strong male style, and he is, of course, beautiful.  These are all things that seem to attract/inspire lesbians–both in manner and in dress.  For instance…

Dare we say, dashing?

Dare we say, dashing?



Hudson was sort of the American James Bond–not in the crime-fighting, gadget toting, extraordinary kind of way; but in that accidentally dashing, irresistibly charming, disarmingly adorable way that leading ladies could not resist.  Classic style, earnest manner, and an affable disposition (with just a touch of mischief in the eyes)–these are all on page-1 of the NB handbook.


Um, argyle anyone?

Um, argyle anyone?

It’s alleged that the woman Hudson married, Phyllis Gates, was a closeted lesbian and knew all about his male lovers.  Perhaps he borrowed the sweater-vest from her?  If so, then this was taken at a time when they were getting along.  She divorced him after only three years of marriage, sighting “mental cruelty” as the reason–he did not contest the divorce.  

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