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Another One Bites the Muff?

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Lily, honey, that's not where it goes...

Lily, honey, that's not where it goes...


Lily Allen has admitted having a lesbian moment when she snogged identical twins in San Diego.

In an interview with GT (The Gay Times) the singer said: “I was on the sofa and I had them both, I was dancing and shoving my a**e on one of them and one on my front bottom.”

She added: “That’s the only time, but I do have wet dreams – lesbian dreams – quite a lot.” Too much info Lily!

Allen also told the mag’ she supports equal rights for homosexuals. She said: “I just feel you have no right to hate anyone because of how they’re born…I think if you’re a human being with a heart in your chest, you’re the same as everyone else.”  –MTV UK

 NOTE TO FUTURE REPORTERS LOOKING FOR “GAY” STORIES:  Girls kissing girls when they’re wasted doesn’t count.   

SECONDARY NOTE:  We don’t need more crazy women on our team.  You can keep her.

B. Cassidy


Get Lucky!

In Uncategorized on January 23, 2009 at 3:35 pm

According to Susan Miller at Astrologyzone.com,
today is the luckiest day of the year!

Translation: Don’t stay home!

People always complain that horoscopes and predictions are lame, or self-fulfilling prophesies at best. My response is: so what! If it’s a good propheshy: Go fulfill it! Put on your snappiest outfit, head to a location largely populated with available women, and strut your stuff. Almost everything in life comes down to confidence (any butch will tell you that). So take your encouragement from anywhere you can.

I mean if the planets are aligned for a night of good luck, just go with it. Don’t question, don’t test it, just believe.

Have a way-groovy, far-out day people!


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We’re having some issues with our appearance…
Yes, we do appreciate the irony of a style blog that is having trouble finding it’s own sense of style–or, more accurately, achieving it’s own sense of style with little to no technical skill. If anyone can offer words of wisdom, or some kind of help in this area, please, send us a message.